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Food Safety 1st

Saskatchewan's Food Safety 1st
Inspector Russell Scott

Food Safety 1st celebrates over 12,000 certificates issued across Saskatchewan

Food Safety Courses, Certificates, Training, Inspections, Equipment Sales + more!

Get your Safe Food Handling "FoodSafe Certificate" from Food Safety 1st...Learn how to cook foods safely to prevent food poisoning and get Food Safety Certified.

Food Safety 1st, Russell Scott presents Pat Mitchell the 12,000th Food Safety 1st certificate!

Food Safety 1st's, Russell Scott on Wheatland Cafe.

A webinar with Food Safety 1st's, Russell Scott.

1st in Food Safety...Russell Scott, a certified Food Safe Instructor and Public Health Inspector with 25 years experience, provides training courses that are designed for restaurants, caterers, day cares, group homes, churches, volunteers at special events, where ever food is prepared,...including your own home!

Food Safety 1st Certificates are "Nationally recognized, Provincially accredited"... meeting Saskatchewan food sanitation legislation requirements.

Food Safety 1st offers private Food Safety Training Courses. Have your staff at work and students at school Food Safety Certified with safe food handling training that directly relates to their needs...Get the most out of your training budget...Call for details.

Food Safety 1st has the Food Safe exams and manuals in different languages. Please indicate when you register if you or your participants require an exam and manual in a language other than English. The exams are available in English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, Farsi, Tagalog (Philippine), Chinese*, Punjabi*, Korean*, Arabic*, and French*. *Food Safe manuals are available by special order in languages with an * for an additional $15.00 and must be ordered four weeks prior to the course.

The Environmental Health Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors presented Russell Scott the "Lilli Ann Zahara Award".

This national award was presented to Russell in recognition of his dedication, commitment, inspiration and leadership in the field of environmental health, with particular excellent contributions to food safety and health education.

Lilli Ann Zahara Award Presentation

Presenting the "Lilli Ann Zahara Award" to Russell Scott (left) is Ryan Philipation, (right) President of the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

Food Safety Training

When you want it...Where you want it...We come to YOU!

Until then...Keep Your Food Safe!

Get Food Safety Certified and Keep Your Food Safe
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