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Food Safety 1st
Instructor: Russell Scott CPHI(C)
"Mr. Food Safe"

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Saskatchewan's Food Safety 1st Instructor Russell Scott, is a Public Health Inspector certified to teach and has taught food safety training courses since 1986.

He's kind of smart, a little bit funny and he knows where to eat!

Russell combines his 25 years of experience as a food inspector with his humorous science-based format to teach food safety. Russell also spent four years working as an “Investigator”, specializing in detecting the cause of foodborne illness (food poisoning) outbreaks.

Thanks to Russell's hard work and dedication, all Food Safety 1st participants have fun and find themselves very successful in implementing what they have learned...Making their food safe to eat.

This Food Safety PHI (Public Health Inspector) is credited with starting food safety classes in high schools and was instrumental in providing food safety training in Chinese and Greek.

Affectionately called "Mr. Food Safe" or "The Food Inspector", he's a bit of a celebrity, teaching FoodSafe Level 1 & 2 LIVE! - "ON AIR" via satellite, on the Saskatchewan Telecommunication Network (SCN) at the University of Saskatchewan for SIAST Kelsey Campus. Russell taught FoodSafe Level 1 & 2 on the SCN three times, as updates and revisions occurred. Russell believes in keeping all his students current with the latest course material and technology.

Russell has traveled north to Wollaston Lake, as far south to Swift Current, and across Saskatchewan to The Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly in Regina, Yorkton, Prince Albert, North Battleford, Moose Jaw, Wynyard, Humboldt and Saskatoon to deliver food safety training. Where ever the course, Russell makes it fun to learn, bringing two rubber chickens named "Sam & Ella" to talk about "Salmonella" food poisoning and proper food handling procedures.

Canadian Award presented to Russell Scott, Food Safety 1st.

The Environmental Health Foundation of Canada and the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors presented Russell Scott the "Lilli Ann Zahara Award".

This national award was presented to Russell in recognition of his dedication, commitment, inspiration and leadership in the field of environmental health, with particular excellent contributions to food safety and health education.

Lilli Ann Zahara Award Presentation

Presenting the "Lilli Ann Zahara Award" to Russell Scott (left) is Ryan Philipation, (right) President of the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

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