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Public Eating Establishment Standards

Food Safety 1st Safe Food Handling Certificates are recognized as meeting the Saskatchewan Food Safety Regulations that require mandatory food sanitation training and certification.

Effective: May 2009, the Saskatchewan, Food Safety Regulations, require mandatory food sanitation courses for those working in public eating establishments (restaurants);... specifically: at least one person per shift must be certified in safe food handling in a public eating establishment, at all times when food is being prepared or served.

The Food Safety Regulations in part states:

 Training generally

 25 An operator of a food facility must ensure that employees are adequately trained to handle food safely within the food facility.

 Food Sanitation Training

 26(1) Unless exempted in writing by the local authority, an operator of a public eating establishment must ensure that a person who has successfully completed a course in food sanitation that is approved by the local authority is working in the public eating establishment at all times when food is being prepared and served.

(2) A local authority may require the operator of a food facility or other person who handles, processes, prepares, packages, sells or stores food to attend and successfully complete a course in food sanitation that is approved by the local authority, if, in the opinion of the local authority, the food facility is operated in a manner that is injurious to or may endanger the public health.

15 May 2009 cP-37.1 Reg 12 s26.

The Food Safety Regulations: click here

Public Eating Establishment Standards: click here

These standards have been developed to assist operators of public eating establishments in meeting the regulatory requirements contained in The Food Safety Regulations that came into force in May, 2009.

Anyone requiring clarification on any aspect of The Food Safety Regulations or The Public Eating Establishment Standards is welcome to contact Food Safety 1st.

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