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Testimonials from the Grads:

Hi Russell
Thanks for the wonderful course!!! You were great in your lecture. At first we were scared on how will it work but you made it so simple that we were able to score so good!!br>
Thanks once again
Dashmeet Kaur and Dilpreet Singh

Great day! You are a wonderful teacher and I work with a lot of them so I should know. 😀

Audrey Kampen
Osler School

Hi Russell, It was a great course with you today. You teach so well and your teaching method is one I will remember for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you.

Chidera Nwobodo
Sincerely yours,

Thanks again! The day went by fast. Loved your class. Your an excellent teacher. Love your humour.. made the day more enjoyable. I'm thrilled with my score!! Learned many valuable insights today that I will carry with me throughout my life. It was a pleasure. Stay safe!!

Lia Reilander

Hi Russell!!

Thank you so much for the excellent class. You are a very good teacher. It was the best class I have ever taken, not just food safety but of all classes I have taken... and there have been many. Your stories, visual aids, and professional training mechanisms are exemplary. I was particularly impressed with your interactions with people from many cultures. Your ability for empathy and kindness but still require high standards and professionalism was inspiring.

We really enjoyed the class thoroughly.

Marianne and Duane Kachur

Just wanted to say thanks Russell.

It was way better than the first time I took it in BC. You are more entertaining :)

Thanks and take care!
Margaret Haggkvist

Thanks so much for having us for this training! What a great way to get this certificate :)

Rana Biesenthal
Great Plains College
Warman, SK

Russell ... you are a very good instructor.... one of the best.

I would suggest that this course be taught at the higher institutions as well. And you would kill it

I did my PhD at U of S and I was a Research and Teaching Assistant there too for over 5 years ... but your methods of teaching happens to be one of the best I have attended in all my years of attending schools.

Once again thank you.
Blessing Iserhienrhien

On behalf of my family, I would like to say Thank You. We really appreciate that you share the foodsafe knowledge. The class was so imformative and beneficial, especially very understandable with your practical clips and lively examples.

Looking forward to see you soon in Canada.

You have a great evening Sir,
Pham Tuan Anh (Andy)
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I'd like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have a history with adult education, and you did an excellent job of keeping all the participants engaged and actively learning! I am happy to continue to send people to learn to keep their food safe!! (Hopefully next time with fudge!!)

Patti McCullough
Cabela's Canada

Hi Russell!!

Great class today!! You are gifted in the way you share information! Very informative and entertaining.

Thanks! Namaste
Jocelyn Oddo

Hi Russell

I really appreciated the training you provided. I especially like how fun you make what could otherwise be a very dry subject to go over. I hope you are still doing this when I need to get my certificate renewed.

Take care
Jeremy Digness

I took your Food Safety course last Saturday and I just had to tell you that you are the Best teacher that I ever had the privilege to listen to. It's been a long time since I have been in school and I was worried that I couldn't absorb all that information in one day but you made it so easy.

Thank You
Sylvia Scherbluk

Good evening Russell,

I had attended your great food safe course this past December 11th.

I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I really enjoyed the class on Sunday. Not only was it very informative, I walked away with a new sense of knowledge in regards to food safety. I really enjoyed how you also spoke about your past work experiences as it gave real insight into the "behind the scenes" of the food industry.

Thanks again for a great course. I really enjoyed it!
Rosalee Rovensky

Hi Russell

Just wanted to say thanks for putting on such an amazing course. I'm a product of Saskatoon Public Schools I can't believe I haven't received this critical "life-saving" information yet.

Thank You
Adnan Malik

Hello Russell,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the workshop. You did a fantastic job of presenting the material!

Enjoy your day!
Tami Brandrick
Saskatoon Early Childhood Education Demonstration Centre

Hello Russell,

I just wanted to say thank you for facilitating the food safety course this week. It was very informative as expected, but the way you presented it, I felt that the information was relayed in a more easy to understand format. Thanks again,

Darren Craddock
Executive Chef/ Food & Beverage Director
Riverside Country Club

There has been nothing but positive comments about Saturdays course!! Wow so glad I decided to book your course and this one from the 3 high school students "Man we had no time to get bored". You sure kept everybody interested !! Thank you !!!

Dolores Dyck
Aberdeen Community Hall Association
Aberdeen, Sk.

Hi Russell.

The day was a great success. All thanks to you... Our feedback / evaluation forms where completed and handed back. Everyone responded that the class was excellent, informative and fun. Here are some of the comments:
"would recommend this class to everyone" "excellent presentation" "Human presentation" "Very informative – good explanations of why and why not to do certain things to ensure food safety" "Good sense of humour - kept things flowing" "I appreciated the visuals to help us remember and that the information was repeated to help us learn and retain it" "The demonstrations of the use of ice water very enlightening" Thanks again.

Ethna Martin R.N.
Parish Nurse, St. Philip Neri Parish

Good Morning Russell,

I have at least one manager, possibly two, that need to get their food safe in Saskatoon. Can you please let me know when you have courses open here? I found that your course was very engaging and informative, and prefer it to the alternative. Thanks

Shelley Dubé
General Manager
Denny's Saskatoon

Thanks for your great professional course and encouragement!

Hi, Russell,
Thanks a lot for your food safety course yesterday in Saskatoon Open Door. It's great and helpful! Follow your introduction, I had gotten so many knowledge about food safety and found that English could be spoken so interesting. I’m a newcomer and only arrived Canada for 2 months, I'm very worry about my exam but you encouraged me to get my FIRST certification in Canada. You gave us so many examples and videos, it's not very difficultly to understand the course even if my English is not very good. I've changed my cooking methods for my family's healthy after the course, I’ll follow the principle from you during my cooking in the future. I really like this course for food safety!

Say thanks to you again for your fantastic introduction and encouragement!

Yours sincerely
Sallina (Lan Sun)

Thanks again for an engaging and very well presented course!! Keep the stories no matter what critics are out there.

Tammy Hall
Erindale Alliance Church

Good morning Russell,

We just wanted to say "Thank You!" for the interesting and fun day, yesterday. Usually those courses are pretty dry and boring (we had some in Germany already), but yours was an interesting and also fun education of the most important things in the restaurant business.... Especially the help of Sam and Ella are highly appreciated. :-) Maybe we can meet you guys again at our grand opening of our first restaurant in Canada?! Thanks again and keep up your extremely good work!

Berit & Walter
The Homestead Restaurant in Delisle

Good Morning O Food Safety Guru!

When I got home from class yesterday, I threw out my leftover beef sandwich that had in my purse all day. I normally would have put it back in the fridge for later consumption, but I won't be doing THAT anymore!!!
Just wanted to comment on your fine performance yesterday. You are a very dynamic, engaging, and entertaining instructor. We were fortunate to have someone like you delivering such important material that could have been dry and boring with someone lacking your facilitating skills. Keep up the good work Russell!

Janet Foley

I just wanted to say thank-you for the most engaging way in which you ran the course the other day. Your humour and passion for the subject made the day go by very quickly. My colleagues and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have begun to make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that we are doing things the right way! Kind regards and thanks again.

Stephanie @ Street Culture Youth Shelter

Just wanted to send you big thank you for coming to Regina to educate the Delta Regina staff as well as the others that attended today. It was nice to have an instructor with a good personality, knowledge of the criteria and practical real life cases of what has happened. Very educational and will highly recommend you to my colleagues in and out of the Delta Regina.

Thank you to Sam and Ella too!

Kevin Spelliscy
Executive Chef
Delta Regina
1919 Saskatchewan Drive
Regina, SK.
S4P 4H2

Hi, Russell. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Food Safe course, not just for the content, but to watch you in action. I am a student in the College of Education, University of Saskatchewan and am currently taking a literacy class. Your presentation style was exceptional and showed how abstract information like pathogens and microorganisms could be taught using humor, demonstrations, rubber chickens Sam and Ella (Salmonella), 'danger-zone' Roughrider jersey, and videos. All of your students, even those who were learning English as a second language, were informed and entertained. The eight hours of Food Safe training passed quickly and will be used by me and my husband, John in our home kitchen, in the Home Economics classroom, and in our church kitchen. Thank you once again. JoAnne Benesh

Thank You for the great day. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting to take this course. I really enjoyed it.
Dorothy Neudorf, Hague Service Center

I would like to thank you for the Food Safety Course. You made the course very entertaining and me more aware of safety in not only the work place but my own home. This could have been a boring course, but you made it so much fun with all of the examples you gave. I will always remember the illness from your chickens, by the names you called them Sam and Ella. I would definitely recommend this course to not only the Food Service Industry but to everyone who is interested and the #1 Value in all our lives " Our Families". Thank you again Russell.
Yours in Hospitality,
Deborah McGratten

Hi Russell, Thank you for teaching the course these past few nights. They were long days for me and I appreciate your knowledge, experience, and passion for food safety. These made it much easier for me to be attentive. Some of the information you brought will definitely be implemented at Starbucks at Midtown to create a safer food/drink place for customers and partners.
Also, my parents grew up on the farm in the sticks of rural Saskatchewan. My grandparents were pioneers and times were tough when they first arrived here. So if some food smelt a little funny, or if the colour was a little off, it was eaten any way. Much to the dismay of my wife, I have adopted this philosophy with food. But after your course, I am now going through my fridge and throwing out the items that are cloudy, green or fuzzy. I am going to make it a point to have a thermometer in my possession, too.
Once again, thank you for your knowledge, experience, and passion!
Conrad Hildebrandt
Midtown Starbucks

Please contact Russell Scott with Food Safety 1st directly regarding this class. Food Safety 1st has had very good reviews from other people who have taken the course. It is fully accredited with the Saskatoon Health Region. The price is very reasonable, too!

Dear Russell: I would like to thank you for the Food Safety 1st course that I attended on July 10th, just before the Folkfest. I was responsible for the kitchen at the Francophone Pavilion. Thanks to your advice, everything went perfectly well. The Francophone Pavilion has been very successful and all the visitors appreciated our food.
Thanks again.
Best regards
Joseph Roux

I had a nice time in your class! You are very entertaining which makes it easier to pay attention and remember the information you teach! I think everyone will remember staph is an intoxication and 4 – 60 C is the danger zone!
Cheryl Thiessen, RD
Instructor, Food and Nutrition
Management Program
SIAST Kelsey Campus

Thanks Russell for getting everyone trained and onboard with Food Safe. You sure made it easy for us at Wal-Mart to get everyone trained.
Thank You
Glen McKee, District Manager, Wal-Mart

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association Inc.
Re: Participation in MYWAY Program
Dear Mr. Russell Scott,
On behalf of the participants of the 2009-2010 MYWAY program, I would like to extend a very warm thank you for participating with our group this month. Special training sessions such as Food Safe, help our participants to gain a valuable understanding of important certifications and information that can help make them great assets in the Canadian workforce. Our group learned a great deal from the presentation and appreciated the time and patience that went into answering all of our questions during our class periods.
I hope that the Saskatchewan Intercultural Association can look forward to maintaining our positive relationship with Food Safety 1st for years to come.
Thanks again,
Carlyng Whenham
Employability Coordinator, MYWAY

I enjoyed you're class. It was very informative and you were easy & interesting to listen to...even at an all day training session!! Thank you, you have a gift to teach. Not everyone has that...according to my fellow classmates the person teaching them this week is, well...I’m just glad I decided to take your class. Cheers.

When we got back from the course, I checked out my anchovies (shipped and stored in cans like salmon);
Your demonstration and explanation at the course made me think and take a look to see what I had here on my shelf. Oh my! I called the company who produced the anchovies and talked to a rep, who told me these haven't been in circulation for quite some time, ..... I bought these at the grocery store a couple months ago. The company rep asked me what was the product number on the can and after giving her number, she said this product # indicates this product is 11 years old. OMG!
Anyway, a bit of great info since I had bought them to make pizza with next week. Not! Thanks for the course and will keep in touch.

Russell, Your course was nothing short of amazing, I am completely blown away of how well of a teacher you truly are. After observing your passion for what you do …. We will be sending all of our employees to complete your food safety course.

Taught well – knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic.

I enjoyed the course, it was an awesome learning experience.

Great job.

Felt it was a lot of information to take in.

Russell: you were very enthusiastic and funny. I enjoyed your class.

I was not bored, and found Russell entertaining!

Awesome course, enjoyed it very much and learned a lot.

Russell has great enthusiasm and it is obvious he love wheat he does, very personable .

Excellent, lots of personal experience, well taught, good job, appreciated the humor.

“Thanks & Love you Daddy” from Caitlin & Chantal Scott --- Russell’s daughters, who took the March 8th, 2009 course.

I found the course very informative, and find that I am more conscious of food safety since taking it. I'll be posting your information (printed in The Star Phoenix, Dining In Saskatoon Guide 2008) for my staff, and I am sending it on to my corporate head office so that they can see the professionalism of the course you teach! I will be contacting you about Food Safe Level 2. This article should help me convince them that this is worth the money spent! I still have one manager who needs Food Safe 1, so I would appreciate it if you keep sending updates as to class times. Thanks Russell.

Thanks for being so fast and efficient. In Winnipeg we wait up to 3 months to get certificates printed. 3 days from you is awesome!

Russell made the course fun, it wasn’t like a typical training class.

This was fun & couldn’t think of a better teacher.

Was very informative and fun!

Russell Scott was very good, he explained to the class very well. I think all of us benefited and learnt a lot from the class. I suggest to all other restaurants or any one in the food industry to take this course. Very well done, I am very happy we took this class, Thanks Russell. Signed: Jim Tomas, Tomas The Cook Restaurants

I loved that he was funny, but made a point in his jokes, 10/10.

You were really cool and fun! I leaned allot!

Well prepared, well organized, timed just right, easy to understand and had lots of fun!

Excellent instructor! Had fun in this course and learned some valuable information in the process...Thanks Russell.

Well explained and informative.

Who would have thought Food Safety would be fun.

Russell clearly loves his job & is passionate about his work. He has a good sense of humour and a good rapport with the class.

Thank You for your hard work!

I enjoyed the course and he wasn't like other teachers, you kept the class entertained and had our attention...Thanks for the opportunity!

We had a lot of fun learning about food safety and it was a good experience.

The instructor, formally known as Russell was allot of fun. He had great patience and taught me why I can eat my steak medium rare but not my hamburger. Thanx Russell!

...made the class enjoyable with his humour.

The course was interesting...could make someone paranoid about many things...useful,...should be mandatory for everyone.

Very patient, knowledgeable in his area of expertise, did a good job teaching a bunch of teenagers!

He was a great instructor, I learned a lot.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, I leaned a lot and will use the information at work! Thank You.

You're funny.

Great job. Concise & Clear

You did an awesome job Russell Thanx.

The course was very well planned and the instructor was very nice and helpful!

A lot less boring than I was expecting.... thanks :)

Very well Done.

I enjoyed Russell's approach to all questions.

Excellent course & great instruction, Thanks.

I enjoyed the relaxed manner in which the information was presented.

This course was very helpful for me. I feel I can use all the information at work & home.

Hi Russell, I don't mean to be a pain but can I please get you to check into my test results as I got a phone call and the only thing that stands in my way for actually being hired is my safe food handlers course.

A teacher writes:
"He was outstanding and it was very successful. Since that time, every other year, the course has been offered to our students. This course is very valuable for the students, whether they become employed in the industry or simply for their own benefit in their personal life. Having it taught by the health inspector stresses the importance of the course and material."

Hi there – Thanks. By the way, I really enjoyed the course - your mannerism makes it quite interesting and memorable. Learned lots!!

Thanks Russell, I enjoyed your presentation. I may not be the best cook at camp but what I do put on the table will be safe.

Very very awesome class. I learned allot .... a 10 all the way!

Found the class to be very informative, interesting, learned allot and enjoyed the class.

I recommend Russell Scott to other companies. His instruction process is informative and interactive. I hope another session is held soon so I can send the rest of my employees for instruction from Mr. Scott. I am very happy that close to 90% of my workforce is now educated and has their food safe certificate.

I thought that the course was very good. Awesome instructor! Very friendly!

It was a great course. I learnt a lot of new stuff today and learnt a lot about stuff I thought I knew!

I feel this course will be very beneficial to the food industry. Now a days, this is a requirement.

I enjoyed taking this course and it was very helpful to me.

"Thanks & Love you Daddy" from Caitlin & Chantal Scott
--- Russell's daughters, who took the March 8th, 2009 course...

I love you girls, more than you will ever know!
... ♥♥♥♥ Daddy ♥♥♥♥

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